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Workplace Services

Corporates + Government

Check out our Corporate Sustainability Campaign

Used furniture available to charity groups


Soft fit-outs, business relocations, workplace & ICT setups or decommissioning, and managed asset storage are just some of our services to date. 


Workplace Services (or Soft Services) is the core of what we do at Installworx.  We work for New Zealand's businesses, government organizations, project management groups, and office furniture suppliers to achieve every client's goals and requirements for their work environment.  


We firmly embrace corporate sustainability so we will work with you to manage your redundant assets.  We can help by redirecting them to a new home, repurposing them, or segregating recyclable materials to send out to appropriate recycling facilities.  Landfill should be the very last option.


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We understand how important your people and your assets are to you so we look after them with great attention, care, and respect.  This is embedded within our culture so that it is practiced in all that we do. 


We also appreciate that time is precious so we make it our goal to do everything right the first time.  We do our best every time.

Dealing with multiple teams for a project can be quite a lot of work.  Installworx can take on that role for you so you only need to talk to us until the completion of your project.

Talk to us.  We'd love to hear from you.

Soft Fit-out


Soft Fit-out

FF&E installations, office reconfigurations, workplace decommissioning, workstation ICT setups, cable management


Business Relocations

Whether you're relocating within the same floor, to another floor, or to another site, we can help.

We run a full decom to reinstatement of your furniture, documents, as well as technology.



Let our team help set up your ICT devices in your workplace.  We can be there again when you need us to move, store, or upgrade your assets.

When need be, our team can also provide solutions to customize your workstation setup.


We all like to keep our workstations tidy.  We can help you achieve that.

Not only will wires no longer be a safety hazard but will also keep your ICT devices safe from accidentally getting unplugged.


Cable Mgt

Storeworx™ Asset Management Solutions

Store and keep track of your assets digitally in our warehouse or yours with our purpose-built online storage platform.

And when you need them out again to one of your facilities, we will deploy them in place for you.

Commercial Power Wash


Office cleaning, carpet & floor cleaning, building wash, roof & gutter wash & treatment, carpark & concrete cleaning

We offer a range of affordable packages to suit your requirements.

Contact us to discuss what the best option for you would be.​


Project Contracting

Managing a project with multiple trades involved can sometimes be challenging. 


Let us know how we can help.


Corporate Sustainability

Let us help you remove your redundant assets from your workplace and dispose of them responsibly or redirect them to new owners so they don't go to landfill.


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Clients Reviews

"Installworx has always worked alongside Vodafone in a very collaborative way.  

We recently had to set up a BCP site in a matter of days in response to Covid-19.  This involved desking, cablings, etc.  The challenge we faced was creating the separation between desks using desks that were not stable in a standalone situation. Installworx designed bracing that put stability into the desk which allowed us to use our existing suite of desks.  Not only did this save us thousands of dollars, but it also allowed our BCP site to be set up in a matter of days rather than weeks.


Installworx has always provided a professional, reliable, and customer-focused service. The Installworx team and always professional, courteous and willing to go the extra mile.  I would recommend Installworx to anyone who was looking to partner with an honest, hardworking reliable partner."

Teresa Fowler

National Facilities Manager / Property | Vodafone New Zealand

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